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Magic, Illusions, and Hypnotism? You might ask why create a site about those 3 topics. The simple answer is because I am interested in all three. The longer answer would be that not only would I like to provide information about the individual subjects of magic, illusions and hypnotism -- but also show how they are related. Tada.

Hope you enjoy the ride. (Or at least learn a card trick or two).

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This site contains tons of info on Magic Tricks, Optical Illusions, and Hypnosis. Keep checking back though, and don't forget to bookmark us -- we are constantly adding new content.

Here are some of the latest additions to the site:

*new* Do you like Puzzles & Riddles? Check out our Magic Rebus Puzzles. Can you solve them all?

card tricksMagic Card Tricks - Unique collection of card trick tutorials. Including simple tricks to advanced illusions requiring the use of sleights.

advancedAdvanced Hypnosis Techniques - Learn about Inflection, Rapport, and Embedded Commands in this section.

 Coin Prediction Magic Trick - You can predict not only what kind of coin an audience member chooses, but also if it's heads or tails up.


New! (Updated June 30th, 2007)

videos Magic Trick Video Tutorials - We have started a collection of magic trick videos to help you visually learn sleight of hand techniques as well as complete tricks.