Advanced Hypnosis Skills and Techniques

Though reciting an induction script will allow you to hypnotize some people, you will need to learn the advanced techniques and skills such as Inflection, Embedded Commands, Pausing and Rapport to become a masterful and consistently successful hypnotist.

tonalityInflection for Hypnosis - How you use inflection can make all the difference in achieving successful results.

Posture for Hypnotists - Learn the proper posture to allow your voice to create the proper tone for hypnotic commands.

pausePausing in Hypnosis - An important element in a hypnotists' set of skills... learn why.

rapportRapport for Hypnosis - Rapport is how to you create trust that allows you to speak to a subjects' subconscious.

Embedded Commands in Hypnosis - Learn to master the art and science of embedded commands.


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