Hypnosis - Tips

Q. What is the single most important quality a hypnotist needs?

A. Confidence.

Although confidence is something generally built over time if you are new to practicing hypnosis you will need to fake your confidence. Because it's not actually confidence you need its the appearance of confidence. The positive and commanding attitude you project may not be what you feel inside when you first attempt to hypnotize someone -- but it is what your subject must recognize in you.

Q. How do I appear confident if I am not?

A. Fake it.

Practice your induction methods and scripts over and over again until you the words roll off your tongue. Stand tall. Learn a bit about body posture / body language and be sure to use body language that projects confidence.

More Hypnosis Quick Tips

Speech Cadence - This is the pace at which you speak while inducting a subject into a state of hypnosis. It's hard to teach -- trial, error, and practice will show you what cadence works best. Many hypnotists recommend timing your words with the pace that your subject is breathing.

Tone of Voice - A deep but warm voice is what I have seen the most successful hypnotist use. Your voice should project from your diaphragm, not from your throat or nose.

Rapport - Building rapport with your subject is also very important. Rapport builds trust. Rapport is the process of making an unconscious connection. Matching body language, breathing patterns, etc, with your subject can create this connection. Read more about Rapport in our advanced articles section.

Q. Can anyone be hypnotized?

A. Some hypnotists say "yes" anyone can be hypnotized, while others say there is a certain percentage of folks who can not be hypnotized. What is true is that some people are easier to hypnotize than others.

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