Using Inflection during Hypnosis

A hypnotists' inflection is important. The way you use it you can give the appearance of authoritative confidence. There are three ways of speaking: statements, questions, and commands.

If you use the grammatical structure of a question but go down with the inflection at the end of the sentence then you change it into a command. For hypnotic inductions you will want to mostly use the command inflection, some statements, and almost totally avoid the question style inflection.

Inflection for Hypnosis Examples

Practice saying these sentences using a downward inflection at the end... effectively turning them into commands. You might want to record yourself saying these sentences and other questions naturally (with an upward inflection), then with the downward command inflection. This will help you train your voice.

"Would you go out for lunch with me?"

"Do you love it?"

"Do you understand me?"

Inflection is also critical for being able to embed commands.

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