Quit Smoking Hypnosis Script

[First using your preferred Induction and Deepening Methods]

Now your body and mind very well. Your subconscious mind is open and extremely receptive to all good, creative and valuable ideas and instructions.

You will discover that you can readily accept and act on each suggestion that I provide you, because you wish to. Now remain deeply relaxed as you listen to what I am about to say. Allow yourself to follow my suggestions exactly since they are in your best interest. You have come to me because you wish to quit smoking. You feel the need to quit your smoking habit. This is one of the best decisions you've ever made in your life, and you know this as a fact.

You know that you can obtain this goal easily and that you will, through the strength of your own mind, become a non smoker. From this point on, any cravings to smoke will disappear altogether, want it and you can have it. And any time you even have a thought of smoking, you are instantly reminded of all the reasons why you'd like to quit. And over the next few days and weeks you're going to be drinking lots of water and the reason for this is that you can't wait to flush the nicotine out your system permanently.

You are joyful and take great pride in the fact that you've become a nonsmoker and that you can begin a much healthier life because of this. Just the smell of smoke bothers you, and just the thought of putting a smoke in your mouth makes you sick. You understand now that putting a cigarette in your mouth is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself. Whenever someone offers you a cigarette you decline by speaking these words: "No Thank You. I am a non smoker."

You become extremely joyful and proud when you speak these words.

And every time you say this, all suggestions I have given you today will be reinforced. As of this point, you are a non smoker. You genuinely enjoy being a nonsmoker. It's good to be a nonsmoker. You are a non smoker! Shout that out silently in your mind with me now. You are a nonsmoker. You are a nonsmoker.

[Continue with the session or utilize a revival method]


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