Quit Smoking Hypnosis Script (Time Travel)

[First using your preferred Induction and Deepening Methods]

Time is subjective in hypnosis, like it is in a dream ... for we can move forward ... or backwards in time... and dream...

And you are getting sleepier and sleepier even as you listen to the tone of my voice.

My voice kindly and easily guides you into a very special sort of sleep ... where you are not sleeping ... and you are not awake ... comfortable ... for you can hear my voice ... but your mind is just wandering off to it's own special thoughts that are led by details you unconsciously process.

And I would like to propose that you experience a wonderful dream ... so progress in time to three months from now ... and you are in a beautiful park surrounded with a mix of colorful flowers and plants that release their scent into the fresh spring air ...you smell the fresh grass ... there are birds singing lovely songs in the trees and bushes...and there is an gate in the park that is covered in ivy and a small path leading to a pond with a small waterfall ... and you can hear the resonance of the water trickling over the pebbles ... and splashing softly into the pond.

And it's a peaceful place ... comfortable and relaxed... and you understand how much more magnificent it is because your sense of smell has improved and the scent of your favorite flowers waft under your nose ... imagine it now ... inhale slowly and deeply ... and relax more.

It has been three months since you smoked and you haven't regretted it at all. Before you quit smoking you thought how it would be ... you amplified the thoughts in your mind that somehow it may not be as simple as it really was ... but you have never felt better in your life before. You don't even want to think about smoking now ... a bad habit that you used to have ... but have no more. You are a nonsmoker.

Three months have passed by and your health has improved enormously, you have more energy and self esteem ... you feel cleaner and fresher and fitter ... life is wonderful now for you. When you witness someone else smoke you may wonder how they could do that to themselves ... putting that object into their mouth and inhaling the exhaust and the tar into their lungs ... it appears futile to you ... even though you recognize that sometime before ... you once did the same ... but that was before you learned a better way.

I want you to keep these good feelings right there ... and tell yourself ... I have not smoked for three months ... why would I now. Remember this park, pond and flowers... the scent ... the beauty of nature ... of living in peace with your mind ... your body ... your spirit. You no longer need or wish to smoke -- and isn't it such an amazing feeling?  You're in complete control of your mind - your body and your health.  Hold those good feelings there in your hand ... clasp your hand into a fist if you like ... for the feelings are becoming so strong that you wish to grasp them forever.

Now relax ... good.... and I am transporting you forward in time to

[name the present date]

... and you are feeling good ... clasp your hand once more and tell yourself once more ... I have not smoked for three months ... why would I now? You no longer need or wish to smoke.

When you awaken from this hypnotic dream you will totally and absolutely believe that you have not smoked for three months ... so why would you now. All other memories stay intact ... but the fact is you actually feel as though you have not smoked for three whole months ... so why would you now. You will keep this conviction to yourself ... because you sense in your core that you are a nonsmoker ... and you hold that good feeling right there in your the palms of your hands.

You are a non smoker now ... you have already been a non smoker for three whole months ... and it genuinely doesn't matter if you know that ... because you have all those amazing feelings that you achieved in hypnosis from traveling three months into your amazing future. You no longer need or wish to smoke.

What your mind can conceive ... your mind can obtain ... and your belief that you have already stopped smoking grows stronger and stronger ever day. And since you have already stopped smoking ... there's no point in smoking again.

And when you wake you will have an inner belief that you have been a nonsmoker for three months ... so there's no point in beginning again now. you are over it ... smoking is finished for you ... you finished smoking before it finished you ... and you are free ... completely and absolutely in control.

Remain in hypnosis for another couple of minutes whilw you relish these wonderful feelings ... just enjoy being here ... in your special place ... and notice how this place becomes now ... a part of you ... an amazing place where you can visit again whenever you wish ... all with the strength of your mind.

(Pause for two minutes)

[Continue with the session or utilize a revival method]

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