Bar / Pub Magic Tricks

shot glassMagical is even more "magical" after a few drinks.

These tricks are called "Pub Magic" or "Bar Magic", because they usually involve materials readily available at such places (lighters, matches, cigarettes, shot glasses, beer, etc...)

Note: As these tricks involve alcohol, smoking, and fire... they are not recommended for kids (maybe not so great for adults either, but that's your choice). But, if you are a minor -- go get your parental unit and make them learn these tricks for you... or wait a few years. :)

 Billiard Balls Color Change - It's not all about drink & cigs for bar magic... fill out your routine with pool balls.

 Invisible Cigarette - Real smoke appears as the magicians drags off an invisible smoke.

 Cigarette Production - Cool way to produce 3 cigarettes from your bare hands.

 Smoking Shot Glass - Very cool visuals. In this trick you transfer smoke from one shot glass to another. Spooky but just science.

 Cigarette Transformed into Money - A cigarette dipped into a glass of beer transforms into a dollar bill.

 Lighting a Used Match - Easy trick that always gets the reaction of "How'd you do that!??".

 Cigarette Telekinesis - Move a cigarette across a table using your incredible "mind powers".

 Super Long Ash - Learn how to make a cigarette burn all the way down without dropping an ash.

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