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Beginner Card Tricks

 Two of A Kind - The magician is able to get a person's chosen cards to match their own "picks".

 Four Jacks - A nice starter trick for kids or absolute beginners, or create your own variations on this base trick.

 'It's All Aces' - In this trick you show why magicians always have the advantage in the game of poker.

 Ala Kazaam - This magic phrase is used to conjure up an audience members chosen card.

 Easy Pickin's - So simple, but most audiences won't know how you pull this one off.

 Card Kick - By kicking a deck of cards, you reveal a participants chosen card.

Intermediate to Advanced Card Tricks

 Three Friends - The magician is can not just find one chosen card, but three different cards.

 Bottom Guess - The magician can predict the bottom card of a deck to the amazement of the audience.

 Card Through Window - Impressive trick made famous when David Blaine performed it on TV.

 Color Change Story - Classic trick makes an effective opener for a series of feats with cards.

 Rising Cards & Glass Bottle - Begin by showing the bottle and hand the two parts to different spectators for examination...

 Redhill 4 Aces - Four aces effect using a giant deck.

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