Cigarette to Money Transformation

A mooched smoke is dipped into a pint of beer. After the beer is shaken off, the smoke is gone -- it's been transformed into money!

Prep Work

  1. Remove the tobacco from a smoke by rolling it around in your palms, working it away and out. Alternatively, you could buy empty tobacco tubes from a smoke-supply shop.

  2. Get a dollar bill and roll it up securely. Place the dollar bill inside the empty cigarette. Keep this counterfeit in your pocket.

How the Trick Works:

  1. Mooch a smoke from somebody, exactly the same brand as your counterfeit cigarette.
  2. Take the mooched smoke in your palm, then reach into your pocket for a match, exchanging the mooched smoke for the counterfeit cigarette you prepared earlier.
  3. Your banter could be "Before I smoke this, I'd like to show you something..." Quickly give the smoke a good dip in a pint of beer. Without delay, put the wet cigarette in your palms and rub palms together enthusiastically. The cigarette paper vanishes leaving just the dollar bill.

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