Cigarette Telekinesis

Using only your "mind powers" -- you cause a cigarette to roll across the table away and then back towards you.

How the Trick Works

  1. Place a smoke on a flat surface such as a counter or bar.Tell your crowd a tuft of BS about how you are able to move a smoke employing telekinesis.
  2. Move your hands back and forth as if you are commanding the smoke to move.
  3. As you signal with your palm for the smoke to depart from you, blow privately at the object to push it (no one will hear to blowing in a bar).
  4. To get the smoke rolling towards you -- cup your palm behind the object and blow into your palm. Your breathing will redirect off of your cupped hand and induce the smoke to roll towards you.
  5. You can place a small piece of drinking straw in your mouth (cut to around an inch long) to allow your breath to be more direct.
  6. Notes: Practice the movements in this trick before performing it to grasp how and where to cup your hands to attain the effect.

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