Cigarette Production - Magic Trick

Cut a small piece of light brown wrapping paper, as close to flesh color as possible, making the piece a trifle longer than a cigarette. Wrap three cigarettes in the paper and gum the overlapping edge. Do not wrap them too tightly, the cigarettes should have a little play so that they can be drawn out freely. Cut the paper flush with the cigarettes at one end and close the other by pushing the paper in. Now by using this little package as a false finger three cigarettes can be effectively produced.

For example, you can have the packet, closed end downwards in your right coat pocket. In going to the pocket for matches get the fake between your second and third fingers. Put the matches in your left hand, and raise the right hand, palm towards the spectators and the fingers pressed close together, the tips pointing straight outwards, Make a grab in the air, put the third finger on the back of the packet, bringing it into the palm of the hand as you close it with a sweep to the left.

The open end of the packet will now lie against the tips of the thumb and forefinger and the cigarettes can be pushed up into view one by one with ease. Take the first two in the left hand and as you push up the last one, crumple the slip of paper into a ball and hold it concealed by, bending the third and little fingers on it.

originally published by Jean Hugard in Annual of Magic 1938


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