Embedded Commands in Hypnosis

Embedded commands are utilized in hypnosis to speak to the unconscious while communicating something different to the conscious mind of your subject.

You can do this by saying all of the words in the embedded commands in one particular note, at a particular volume, etc. Some hypnotist drop their pitch moderately on embedded commands. If utilize a particular pitch or volume to embed commands, you do not use that same pitch elsewhere in your communication.

When you're embedding a phrase such as, "Touch Your Eye." -- the individual words don't have to be together in a sentence. Example of an embedded command:

Try to get in touch with your feelings. I(eye) know this will help .

More subtle embedded commands is just to lower your voice on important words: "I would like you to relax completely." (Lower pitch on the italized words). Feel your eye lids completely relaxed.

Ps: Did you touch your eye while reading this article? :)

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