Hypnosis - An Introduction

What is hypnosis? Who knows. Few people can agree on a definition, and some doctors and scientists believe hypnosis is nothing more than suggestible people playing along with the hypnotists wishes because of their desire to be hypnotized.

Though most people can agree that hypnosis works -- if you were to ask 10 different experts you would likely get 10 different opinions on why and how. For the purpose of this site, we will define hypnosis as such.

Hypnosis = Extreme Suggestibility.

Thus a hypnotist's goal is to move a subject into a state where they are open to suggestions. Most hypnotist use progressive "Induction Methods" to induce this state of mind.

What Can Hypnosis Used for?

Hypnosis gurus may claim that hypnosis can be used for everything and anything: treating medical or psychological illness (hypnotherapy), quitting smoking, loosing weight, improving just about any aspect of your life, over-coming fears, recovering memories, etc...

Hypnotism's positive effects can be substantiated to at least a small degree for each of those claims, however, please take them with a grain of skepticism. There is much about hypnotism researcers still don't fully understand.

In this website you will learn all you need to know to be able to hypnotize people. You will also learn methods for helping people to quit smoking, recover memories as well as the fun side of hynosis: Stage Hypnotism.

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