Staircase / Waterfall Deepening Script

You feel your eyes... your eyes looking up into the velvet darkness above your forhead. In your mindseye you become aware of a waterfall are moving toward the waterfall. You find yourself at the top of the waterfall, so relaxed, so peaceful. Next to the the waterfall you become aware of a staircase.

As you look down the stairs you notice that there are ten steps leading gently down .. ten steps leading down, and down, and down all the way down to ground near the base of the waterfall --these are the steps that will lead you deep into a new depth of relaxation... and in a moment I would like you to walk down those steps with me and I will count them off for you. One at a time.. and you will discover that the deeper down you go, the more loose and the more relaxed will you become.

Now when you are ready to walk down the stairs I want you to gently place your palm on the rail and start to slowly descend the steps as I count them down from 10 to 1.

Ten --deeply comfortable, deeply relaxed...

Nine -- deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable,

Eight -- increasingly and more relaxed...

Seven -- deeply comfortable, deeply relaxed...

Six -- more and more and more relaxed,

Five -- more and more and more relaxed...

Four -- deeply relaxed, more comfortable,

Three -- more and more and more relaxed,

Two -- almost to bottom now, just.. one... more... step... to go -- and..

One -- deeper and deeper down into hypnosis now, all the way down - to the deeper level of mind.

And as you reach the base step you can allow the stairs and the ordinary, daily world go.... farther and farther down - you go deeper and deeper.

You are now standing at the bottom of the steps and feeling very relaxed, very comfortable...

You see before you a tall, wooden gate. The gate is locked but you have the key... you can open the gate. And you really want to go through the gate and witness what is there on the other side... because somehow you know that a magnificent place is there waiting for you.

So move... now ...toward the gate. Push the gate open. You push it all the way open - and walk through.

Now close the gate behind you and find yourself in a very comfortable and special place. Good.

Now you can ask the subject to describe this place they have discovered behind the door.

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