Poiuyt / Blivet / Widget - Optical Illusion

You must of been living in a cave if you have never seen this optical illusion before. It is interesting, but the story behind it's many names is much more interesting...

hole location gauge

Here is some background info on some of the different names the above illusion is known:

In the June 1964 issue of Analog Science Fact/Science Fiction, the object was contributed anonymously as a "Hole Location Gauge".

"Poiuyt" was the name Mad magazine gave it in 1965, when it appeared on the magazine's cover. Made from the last 6 letters on the top row of a keyboard.

Roger Hayward coined the name "Blivet". Used in his article: "Blivets: Research and Development" published in The Worm Runner's Digest, December 1968.

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