Card Handling, Sleights, Manipulations and Flourishes

While most people can learn a few magic card tricks, those that put in the effort to learn and the following card handling techniques are in a position to perform amazing tricks and truly mystify their audiences.

 Double Lift Technique - Simple method that produces great results, and a prerequisite to many advanced card tricks.

 Bottom Dealing - Classic technique -- most people have heard of it... very few can pull it off.

 Second Dealing - ... is the process of dealing the second card from the top...

 One-Handed Deal - This simple card handling produces a great effect, use it next time you are playing Go Fish.

 Palming Cards - Here are a few different methods of card palming, including both top and bottom palming.

 Turning the Top Card - A simple but slick move to add to your card flourish repertoire.


Also... while learning card handling, sleights & tricks from detailed instructions is great... you will also find our magic trick video section very useful to study magic tricks, sleights and flourishes.


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