Color Change Story Magic Card Trick

card tricksIn speaking the following lines the performer holds the deck in his left hand in the orthodox position for the color change. At the end of each couplet, When a card is named, the face card of the deck is seen to change accordingly. When the straight, hand and suit are mentioned, the corresponding cards are produced from the air in the right hand.

"I fell in love with Madelene,
Of my fond heart she was the Queen. (Q. of H.)

So I resolved to brave my fate
And put the question to her straight. (A. 2. 3. 4. 5.)

I called upon her the next day
And sent my card upon a trey. (3. D.)

With fine assurance at the start
I boldly offered her my heart. (A. H.)

With all the grace at my command
I meekly offered her my hand. (10. J. Q. K. A.)

And though I felt a perfect brute
Persistently I pressed my suit. (4. 5. S.)

She said, "I'm sorry it's no use"
And still I pleaded like the deuce. (2. C.)

"Diamonds", I said, "You shall not lack," (10. D.)
And then she smiled, and said, "It's Jack." (J. S.)

How to do this trick:

The trick makes an effective opener for a series of feats with cards. In this case the necessary pre-arrangement is made and the deck put in its case. If, however, it is desired to use the effect in the middle of a routine, then the deck must be switched.

In either case a false shuffle should be made and several blind cuts. The single cards named in the couplets are produced on the face of the deck by any of the standard color change methods preferred, and it is advisable to change the methods as often as possible, so that the same sleight is not used twice in succession.

With regard to the straight, hand and suit, an easy way is to place the cards for each of these in a pocket and when they are named simply riffle the deck and bring the cards out with your right hand, square them and place them on the face of the deck, seizing the opportunity to palm off the rear card in readiness for the next color change.

By crimping a corner of the lowest card in each of the sets of five, five and two cards, each set can be pushed into the right hand by the left forefinger after the same manner as the original color change and then produced from the air, from behind the right knee or elsewhere.

The cleanest and most skilful method, however, is to use the Hugard method of palming cards from the rear of the deck while the bottom card faces the audience. It takes but a moment to thumb count five cards and they are then pushed down into the right hand under cover of the pack and the back of the hand, which takes the pack for the moment while the left hand is shown empty.

The deck is then replaced in the left hand, riffled and the palmed cards produced in a fan. Introduced with the light touch necessary, this little interlude will be found both amusing and effective.

Notes: As with all the card tricks on this site, you should have a deck of cards in your hand and go through the motions of performing the trick so that you can understand it easily.

originally published by Jean Hugard in Annual of Magic 1938

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