Invisible Smoking Cigarette

Important - This sounds like it can't be very good for you or your lungs -- "some sort of chemical reaction" occurring in yer body also sounds bad. Remember this was originally published in 1930s.

How it works

The performer goes through the actions of making a cigarette after the customary manner of performing the Phantom Cigarette trick, pretends to light the imaginary cigarette and then puffs out a considerable volume of real smoke.

This very surprising impromptu trick must be tried to be believed. When you strike the match hold it directly below your nostrils, the natural position in which you would hold it if really lighting a cigarette and, at the same moment, inhale deeply through the nostrils only. The gas, thus inhaled, must be taken into the lungs and, after a few moments, exhaled from the mouth in small puffs. Some sort of chemical reaction takes place which results in a volume of smoke that is quite surprising.

originally published by Jean Hugard in Annual of Magic 1938


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