Learning Patter

A Magicians "Patter" is their commentary as they perform a magic trick. For some tricks, the patter may be a story. With others, it may be jokes.

Things to remember about Patter:

Patter is the one of the most important features of your magic routine. You can take an ordinary magic trick and turn it into a whole theatrical event if you can come up with the right dialogue to assist your magic trick.

Mastering patter in your routines and having your own style of doing so is what will bring you closer being a true magician.

Tips for Better Magic Patter:

- Always look into your spectators eyes, be sure you have their attention and that they are hanging on your every word.

- Master your voice's tone, inflection and volume. Never speak in a monotone voice. Choose your words carefully, and speak them clearly. Record yourself talking during a practice magic performance then listen to it later -- listen with a critical ear. Do you like what you hear? Is your voice to soft or loud in some spots? Are you speaking clearly enough? Do you sound confident?

- Use humor in your performances. Magic tricks + humor = a happy audience. Work jokes into your routine and patter. Need inspiration? Get a video by Penn and Teller and see how they use humor in their magic routines to entertain their audience.

- Listen to other magicians. How do they speak? What makes people hang on their words? Try to uncover what makes their patter work and see how you can incorporate some of those elements into your own routines.

- Most of all -- Be confident and have fun! If you are confident, your audience will be at ease... if you appear to be enjoying yourself, the spectators are likely to feel and reciprocate that positive energy.

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