Tips for Beginner Magicians

New to performing magic, or just want to improve your skills? Read the following tips to help you impress your audience:

1. Master Simple Tricks

A simple magic trick that is performed well can amaze and entertain an audience. Don't worry about getting into expensive equipment and learning elaborate tricks until you master a few simple tricks and are comfortable performing them. Practice your speech and movements in front of a mirror before performing a magic trick in public.

2. Learn to Perform Naturally

Again, practice in front of a mirror. Watch your movements as you handle cards or other tools. Your actions should be slow, natural and deliberate. Watch famous magicians such as David Blaine or David Copperfield -- see how confident their posture appears? That is what you want to strive for.

3. Practice Palming Everyday

Sleight of hand is one of the most important assets to the performing magician, and palming objects correctly and easily is often a crucial element of magic sleights.

The great thing about palming, is that you can practice it all the time. Watching TV? Practice palming cards as you do so. Walking somewhere, or waiting in the doctors office? Practice palming coins while you wait.

Soon you will find palming to be second nature.

4. Never Repeat a Trick

This is one of the basic rules for the performing magician. If you repeat a trick, your audience will anticipate what you are going to do, and watch carefully to learn your secrets.

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