Mentalism & Mind Reading Magic Tricks

zener starMentalism / Mind Reading tricks always have the ability to amaze and confuze.

Here you will learn some basic mentalism effects and techniques.

Mentalism Tricks

 Remote Viewing - An audience member draws a picture of scenery, using your metal-rific powers you can describe it perfectly.

 Coin Prediction - You can predict not only what kind of coin an audience member chooses, but also if it's heads or tails up.

 Book Reading - Book tests are an old staple in the mentalists' bag of tricks, that still baffles audiences today.

 Tarot Card Reading - Learn how anyone (including yourself) can appear to be a tarot card master.

 Zener Card ESP - Star, Circle, Squiggly lines, Cross... you know the ones. Learn to do a cool ESP trick with these cards.

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