One-Handed Card Dealing

How to do a one-handed fancy deal:
by Jerry Nadel

Hold the deck in the left hand as for dealing but a little lower down in the hand, the first finger free at the outer end, the second, third and fourth fingers against the right side of the pack and the thumb resting on the back of the top card.

one-handed deal1. Push the top card off the pack diagonally so that its top left corner protrudes over the end of the deck about half an inch.

2. Put the tip of the left forefinger on top of this protruding corner, press down on it, and turn the card over lengthwise bringing it face upwards as it falls on the table.

3. If you wish to turn over one card only to show it, then instead of letting the card fall after it is turned lengthwise, clip its corner against the face of the bottom card, thus holding it extending from the deck for almost its whole length.

As a general rule when doing tricks with cards any exhibition of digital dexterity should be avoided but this little flourish does not come under the ban since it is used to show that no trickery is possible, one hand only being used.

Parts of this article were originally published in the Annual of Magic 1938

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