Shot Glass Smoke

magic smoke

The magician pours smoke from one glass to another and pretends to drink it. Note: if you are not a smoker, this trick probably isn't for you.

1. Fill two shot glasses with water then empty out the water do not dry them. You require a bit of dew in the glasses for the gag to work.

2. Suck in a big puff from of a cigarette, keeping the thick smoke in your mouth. Raise the shot glass to your lips, in a way much like as if you were going to get a sip. Gradually let the smoke from your mouth pass into the shot glass. The smoke will sink to the base of the glass because of the left-over moisture.

3. Now, take the second shot glass next to the one filled with smoke. gradually pour the smoke from one glass to the next. Do it in exactly the same manner you would pour liquid, just do it gradually.

4. Take the shot glass you just filled with smoke up to your mouth, tip your head back, and let the smoke to go back into your mouth. You can pretend to swallow it if you'd like.

5. You can finish the trick by simply blowing the smoke back out, or blowing it out of your nose.

This is such a visually amazing trick -- go ahead and try to do it without moisture in the shot glasses and see the diversity in the manner the smoke moves.

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