Tarot Card Reading Mentalism

Tarot Cards are one of the simpliest ways to use "Cold Reading".

How the Effect Works:

Tarot Card Reading relies on a method known as cold reading. This techniqueis practised by clairvoyants, psychics and mentalists to make someone believe you can read their underlying thoughts. The statements used are particularly designed to seem specific to an individual person, but they are so general -- the statements apply to a big chunk of the population.

Look at the proclamations below and consider how many apply to you. Imagine if someone claiming to be psychic told you these details; would you consider they had special powers?

You have some character weaknesses but are in most cases are able to compensate for them.

Now all you need to present some cold reading is a deck of Tarot cards and to memorize the above proclamations. Get your volunteer to shuffle the Tarot deck and after ask them to distribute a specified amount of cards face down on the table. Turn over the cards one by one to work your reading. Regardless what cards turn up, deliver the phrases above and try to individualize the remarks as much as you can. You will obtain far more 'hits' than 'misses'.

Tips: make the effect more 'realistic' by doing each step purposfuly, this will give the perfect impression that you know what you are doing.

Notes: Sad, but true: This is about all Pyschic Phone readings you often see advertised on TV are -- cold reading. In fact, if you do an online search you can find plenty of job offers to be a phone pyschic -- no experience nessacary!

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