Three Friend's Card Trick

card tricksGenerally a magician reveals a participants chosen card, in this trick you reveal 3 cards, chosen by 3 different people. Nice Effect that will keep your audience guessing.

How to do this trick:

1. With a standard deck of cards, have 3 participants each select one card without showing it to you. Instruct them to remember their card.

2. Distribute one stack of 10 cards face down. Next to it deal a stack of 15 cards, then next to that deal another 15-card stack. Keep the remaining 9 cards in your hand.

3. Get the first participant put their card on top of the (first) 10-card stack. Then take any amount of cards as they wish from the second stack, placing those on top their card.

4. Instruct the second participant put their card on the second stack. Then take any amount of cards as they desire from the third stack, and placing them on top of their card.

5. Have the third participant to put their card on top of the third stack. Give him the 9 cards you have, and have them put these cards on top of his card.

6. Pick up the last stack, position it on the middle stack, and put both on top of the first stack. Explain to your company that the selected cards are now lost, but they are friend's and will determine a method to be together -- so you will find them.

7. Take four cards off the top and position them on the bottom of the deck.

8. Announce that you will flip a card up and next to it; one down. Repeat until all the cards in your hand are gone. Have the spectators communicate "Stop" if they view their card. (the crowd won't see their card unless you mess up)

9. Move the face up stack away and distribute the face down cards into two stacks, one face up and one face down, beginning with the face-up stack.

10. Repeat this until you have only three cards left -- face down.

12. Turn them over, and reveal their selected cards. The top one is the third participant's card, the subsequent is the second participant's card, and the bottom one is the first participant's card.

Notes: As with all the card tricks on this site, you should have a deck of cards in your hand and go through the motions of performing the trick so that you can grasp it readily.

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