Turning the Top Card Flourish

How to turn the top card:

Hold the deck as for dealing, then--

  1. top turn flourish 1 Push off the top card with the left thumb and take it between the tips of the right second and third finger tips, face down. fig1.
  2. Place the tip of the right thumb on the face of the card and turn it face up towards yourself, holding it vertically between the tips of the thumb and second finger. fig2.
  3. Place the top joint of forefinger on the face of the card release the thumb, fig3, and put it on the back of the card, turning it face outwards and leaving it gripped between the tips of the thumb and forefinger, facing the spectator. fig4.


top card turn flourish 2

The action can be done gracefully and it makes a little intriguing delay in showing the face of the card.




Parts of this were originally published in the Annual of Magic 1938

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