Card Through a Window Trick

card trick
An audience member's select card appears, stuck to a window after the magician tosses the deck of cards at a nearby window.

How to do this trick:

Prep Work: Get a ringer of the card you will force. Attach one of these twin cards to the outside of a window utilizing clear double-sided tape. Find a good angle so that the card isn't conspicuous from where your crowd will be facing.

1. Ask your participant to "select" a card. You must have them opt for the card who's twin is stuck to the window. Use what ever approach you are most comfortable to force a card. Read this trick for an example force.

2. Now force the card on them and have them place that card on top of the deck. Shuffle the cards, but secretly keep the top card on top. (practice this manner of shuffling so that you can do it readily.

3. Talk about anything to your crowd as you shuffle the cards, this is a diversion so it's not important what you talk about. Quickly fling the deck past the participant at the window. Be certain that you palm the top card before you release.

4. As the onlookers turn their heads to observe the cards fly, slip the palmed card into your pocket while they are distracted.

5. Have your volunteer go get the card from the window to deem if it is their card. Not only is it their selected card... it has also 'magically' gone through the window.

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