Zener ESP Card Mentalism Trick

zener star cardYou will need a deck of 25 Zener ESP cards - you can purchase them at most magic supply shops for at a good price.

How the Effect Works:

Using a deck of 25 Zener cards, you invite a participant to divide the deck anywhere they wish. The card cut to is put to one side, face down, as a prediction.

The remaining 24 cards are divided into 2 piles of 12 - one for you, one for the participant. You and the volunteer commence dealing your cards simultaneously until a matching pair is discovered.

Whenever a matching pair is discovered, the two cards are placed along side the prediction. After all the cards have been dealt, the prediction card is fliped over and it has the same symbol as the matching pairs formerly found. Impressive!

The deck needs to be stacked so the five logos repeat in exactly the same order. For instance: Circle, Star, Square, Wavy Lines, and Cross reproduced five times. It doesn't matter what order you put them in, as long as it repeats five times.

You can have the participant cut the cards several times because an order will consistently be maintained. The cut to card is pulled out, laid to one side and the bottom of the cut deck is put on top of the other stack.

Now deal off 12 cards for yourself. This inverts the order of your cards. The remaining 12 cards are given to the participant. When the cards are dealt, two pairs will always match and they have exactly the same logo as the prediction.

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